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Patient Testimonies

"Dr Rodriguez, our concierge physician, has seen two of my children in emergent situations and, in each case, his professionalism and competence mitigated a stressful situation.  In one instance, he accurately diagnosed my daughter's appendicitis after asking a series of questions over a phone consultation.  He phoned ahead to the emergency department and ensured that our admission was smooth.  He spoke with the surgeon both before and after the procedure and checked in with us once my daughter was home from the hospital.  In another instance, Dr Rodriguez treated my son in the emergency department from start to finish.  He was very patient with my son, who has autism, which helped overcome his anxiety and fear of the hospital.  Dr. Rodriguez' medical knowledge as well as his specific knowledge of my son's temperament and needs were guiding factors in the course of care he recommended.  Dr. Rodriguez' care for my son continued during our stay at Children's Hospital, checking in with me throughout the day through the course of his stay as well as once he was discharged.  I would highly recommend Dr Rodriguez to anyone looking for a caring, knowledgeable and personable physician."--- M.H. Olmos Park, TX


"What my Concierge  Dr did for me.... Provide me consultation at MY home and called in my prescriptions to the pharmacy of my choice all within an hour. Total time from initial call until I was receiving my medication less than 2 hours Not to mention all was done on a Sunday afternoon during football. No hassle, no wait time and immediate relief from my symptoms because they were treated so quickly."--- T.J.C. Helotes, TX

"Needed an MRI and Dr. Rodriguez had the appointment set up within an hour! wait times here!"---M.D.C. San Antonio, TX

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